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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Atheist's Diamond

Have you ever seen that before? No? It's called the Atheist's Diamond. The A of course stands for atheism. That letter below, on the other hand is actually not the letter V but the Greek letter lambda (that is upside down). Lambda is a scientific symbol, according to symbologist Robert Langdon. He said that it's common in the fields of particle physics, comology, etc. Therefore, the atheist's diamond means atheism is supported by upside down science (not real science). It's not real science that can stand upright, proud, firm and unshakable.

The atheist's diamond has actually been upgraded. If you would notice, there is a letter B on the left arm that supports atheism. That B stands for the Big Bang theory, an upside down science. I'm glad a tv show was named after that concept, because that theory is really a joke, a sitcom. It's a weak, unverifiable, movable notion of the origin of the universe that would eventually collapse.

So that's what atheists believe as gospel truth, an unreliable origin of the universe that is defeated by it's own origin, according to National Geographic. It's like shooting yourself on the foot, a self referentially destructive concept. It's a paradox. The Big Bang theory is not science, it's science fiction.

The other arm, The Right Arm that supports atheism is E. 

Evolution theory is a chaotic theory that will not and cannot stand. It's a mess.

So from a line to a tree to a plexus. What a mess. Evolution theory is evolving. It's self referentially destructive as well. X = A+B. That's wrong! Oops, sorry I mean X = A+B+C. Wrong again! Wait, wait let me change that, it's X = A+B+C+D! How convenient.

So atheism is supported by 2 unreliable arms that will eventually collapse. Atheism is a jenga tower that is destined to fall down.