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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Atheist's Diamond

Have you ever seen that before? No? It's called the Atheist's Diamond. The A of course stands for atheism. That letter below, on the other hand is actually not the letter V but the Greek letter lambda (that is upside down). Lambda is a scientific symbol, according to symbologist Robert Langdon. He said that it's common in the fields of particle physics, comology, etc. Therefore, the atheist's diamond means atheism is supported by upside down science (not real science). It's not real science that can stand upright, proud, firm and unshakable.

The atheist's diamond has actually been upgraded. If you would notice, there is a letter B on the left arm that supports atheism. That B stands for the Big Bang theory, an upside down science. I'm glad a tv show was named after that concept, because that theory is really a joke, a sitcom. It's a weak, unverifiable, movable notion of the origin of the universe that would eventually collapse.

So that's what atheists believe as gospel truth, an unreliable origin of the universe that is defeated by it's own origin, according to National Geographic. It's like shooting yourself on the foot, a self referentially destructive concept. It's a paradox. The Big Bang theory is not science, it's science fiction.

The other arm, The Right Arm that supports atheism is E. 

Evolution theory is a chaotic theory that will not and cannot stand. It's a mess.

So from a line to a tree to a plexus. What a mess. Evolution theory is evolving. It's self referentially destructive as well. X = A+B. That's wrong! Oops, sorry I mean X = A+B+C. Wrong again! Wait, wait let me change that, it's X = A+B+C+D! How convenient.

So atheism is supported by 2 unreliable arms that will eventually collapse. Atheism is a jenga tower that is destined to fall down.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Better Atheists? (A Book Review on Dan Brown's Origin)

When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

--William Blake, The Tyger

Two Saturdays ago, Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistani Muslim, hosted Saturday Night Live. He was very funny. He joked about how racists can be idiots and how they can be better racists. He said his problem was their inaccuracy. "Do the research... an informed racist is a better racist." He said that to the live audience after mentioning a racist mistook him for an Indian. Well,  Pakistan was part of India before so you can understand the racist's confusion, haha.

I have that same problem with atheists. They have a penchant for being inaccurate. They have gross ignorance when it comes to the Evolution Theory. And Dan Brown is my example.

Brown's new book, Origin, which I just finished reading earlier today, is his Noli Me Tangere. An atheist novel wanting to start a revolution against religion, against God.

The Da Vinci Code is a prequel to this Noli Me Tangere, attacking first Jesus Christ before going after Da Boss, The Father of Jesus (Da Boss by the way is an interesting translation to Hawaii language from the Hebrew word, Adonai, meaning Lord).

Going back to Dan Brown, I give Origin 1 star out of 5 and 2 thumbs down, simply because he got the evolution theory wrong.


All art, architecture,locations, science, and religious organizations in this novel are real. (page 7)

But the science is not real! Do the research! Human evolution theory does not state we evolved from apes. It's saying that apes and humans have the same origins. Educated atheists call apes as their cousins. I can
understand if Brown would have errors in his knowledge about artificial intelligence, chemistry, physics, but he called the book Origin! He should have studied the subject more, perhaps interviewed a biologist, or read a book on evolution. I guess Brown relied too much on his eidetic memory. I of course wouldn't challenge his knowledge about art and symbols, I know it would be profound, but his lazy, reckless writing about
evolution theory is an insult to his intelligence.

The image above is Brown's creation. A symbol about science supporting religion/God. It is true, science has indeed supported the existence of God. Inaccurate science, like apes evolving to man, on the other hand is supporting atheists and Brown's latest book. Let me try to make a symbol for that:



 Inaccurate science (inverted lambda) supporting atheism