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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Evolution Fraud

Last thursday, I watched a debate between an atheist and a Christian minister at the premier institution of higher learning, the University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus).

It was a debate between Gerome Almodovar (Co-Founder of Rationalists and Darwinians of Nasugbo) and Bro.Eli Soriano (Presiding Minister of MCGI).

I'd like to dispute the "Rationalists" part of the name of Mr.Almodavar's group, but that's another story. 

Anyway, the debate was a success, the Christians won of course, and the atheists left the event nonchalantly and silently.

However, they were not that silent at first. The event had a huge turn-out so I watched it standing-up. And I can't but notice the 3 stooges, I mean the 3 atheists who were seating in the front row. They were laughing at the Christian Minister for his stand against the evolution theory. Particularly, his attack on the classical view of the theory.

Let me elaborate. 

This is a bit technical, and it might be long, (still not sure how long it will take me to explain it) but if you can muster all your patience, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Please bear with me.

It seems that these 3 stooges, (sorry, I mean, the 3 atheists) were not familiar that the linear type of the evolution theory is more popular to the majority of people (educated) in the Philippines:

Since many in the Philippines subscribes to the above view that man evolved from monkeys, this is what the Christian Minister has assaulted.

But these 3 idiots, I mean these 3 stooges, kept on mocking the Christian Minister. Fortunately, thank God, they stayed until the debate was over. They were probably shocked how the debate ended, how Bro.Eli won the argument, and how the Co-Founder of the Darwinian and Irrationals lost in shame and in embarrassment.

Anyway, what these 3 stooges were referring to is this:

That's the evolution theory Tree. If you would notice, it's not showing that man evolved from monkeys/apes but that man and the primates have a similar ancestry. That's why they were referring to them as "cousins". This has now been a scapegoat of atheists. What a bunch of idiots.

When Bro.Eli asked Mr.Almodavar the difference in essence between man being cousins with monkeys and man evolving from a lower form a life, the atheist seemed to have stuttered, as he looked like someone who was not eloquent in speech. 

The hindrance in Mr. Almodavar's attempt in explaining the difference is understandable. The current status of the evolution theory is a mess.

I have a degree of BS Biology from the University of Santo Tomas and this has not helped me overlook the loopholes of the theory. Even when I was a Science Education Associate (Biology Dept) of the National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED) in UP Diliman (I was there for 2 years), I was only able to see the excuses the evolutionists are making.

The Evolution Fraud
Part 2

I contacted Dr.Mike Behe (one of the scientists that I trust), American biochemist, author, a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture to get his opinion on this linear/tree/cousin fiasco:

...from what I read our understanding of human evolution is something of a mess and in flux. Scientists in the field have proposed a linear descent, a tree-like descent, a "braid"-like descent, and more. Here's a link to a recent essay that gives a good overview of the state of confusion of the field.

I hope he wouldn't mind me sharing this to you. Well, it's in the interest of Science! Of course he wouldn't mind.

So you wouldn't have to read that entire article Dr.Behe shared, here's the gist of this December 31, 2013 news from the BBC:

We have built a picture of our evolution based on the morphology of fossils and it was wrong.
We just cannot place so much taxonomic weight on a handful of skulls when we know how plastic - or easily changeable - skull shape is in humans. And our paradigms must also change.
Some time ago we replaced a linear view of our evolution by one represented by a branching tree. It is now time to replace it with that of an interwoven plexus of genetic lineages that branch out and fuse once again with the passage of time.
So now, even the evolution tree is wrong! Hahaha!

Say goodbye to the cousins of the 3 stooges!

I have no doubt that after some years, after a few more discoveries, they would have to abandon the evolution theory altogether and admit that Darwin was wrong.

To God be the glory!

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