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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Atheism Delusion

Farewell, Albania  
Residence of evil, cruelty, brutality and perfidy
Though you kill me, your defender
To thee I have great regret 
(From the tagalog metrical romance "Florante and Laura" by Francisco Baltazar, 1788–1862)

The mind of an atheist is not complicated. And it is desperate:

If you are in London, you will see buses like those. They must be truly desperate to pay for ads.

I understand why Christians would pay out of their own pockets to propagate the word of God. They know they would be rewarded for such acts. But atheists paying for endorsements to promote atheism? Why, is there an atheist heaven?

And it seems that this desperation, this obsession, this delusion, is not only limited to using their personal money. They are even using political power to further their cause. Atheists apparently, also have an interest in world domination.

From the BBC:
Albania profile 
1967 - Violent clampdown on religious activity. Albania declared the world's first atheist state. 
Albania, a country in Europe, is the first atheist nation. And it remained that way for a while. From the Albanian Constitution of 1976 (Article 37):
The state recognizes no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda in order to implant a scientific materialistic world outlook in people
Imagine that, the word "atheistic" in a constitution of a country. And regrettably, there's more. The penal code of Albania (1977) imposed prison sentences of three to ten years for "religious propaganda and the production, distribution, or storage of religious literature." The bastards.

And if you would do a research on world history, you would see that Albania was not the atheists' first attempt.


During that time when the 1977 Penal Code of Albania was in effect:

A cloister of the Franciscan order in Shkodir was set on fire, which resulted in the death of four elderlymonks. 
SOURCE: Albania, A Country Study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, USA

4 died as a result of atheists ruling the Albanian government. And these 4 deaths seemed to be just the tip of a scary iceberg.

From the Berkley Center, Georgetown University page:

Plutarco Elias Calles 
Plutarco Elias Calles was president of Mexico from 1924 to 1928, and remained its de facto ruler until 1934. He was an important figure in the Mexican Revolution, occupying various posts in his native Sonora and the federal government before reaching the presidency. A self-declared atheist and militant anti-clericalist, Calles pushed the draconian application of constitutional provisions that dramatically expanded state involvement in religious affairs and effectively ended freedom of worship for Catholics. This prompted a large-scale rebellion in central Mexico, which became the Cristero War (1926-9) and ultimately cost approximately 90,000 lives.
90,000 lives were lost because of an atheist president.

Atheists always love to cite the Inquisition and the Crusades to showcase the deaths caused by unbiblical religions, but really, LOOK WHO'S TALKING!

Atheist President Calles ordered the execution photographed
What a sadist. That's what happens if you put atheists in power. They become your classic movie super-villains.

Unfortunately this nightmare caused by atheists did not stop in Albania and in Mexico.

...atheism became mandatory for members of the ruling Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik). To eliminate as soon as possible what was deemed the perverse influence of religion in society, the communists launched a propaganda campaign against all forms of religion. 
In the first five years of the Soviet Union (1922-26), twenty-eight Russian Orthodox bishops and more than 1,200 priests were executed 
It looks like it's better to live in North Korea than to stay in a country led by atheists.


I therefore conclude atheism would not lead a person to something which is good. The possibility exists where it would lead a person to a delusion where evil, cruelty, brutality and perfidy resides.

That's it, pancit.

Anyway, I am an unprofitable servant. To God be all the glory forever.

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