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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Reason Why other Pastors do Not Revere Christ

During 1 semester break (when I was still in college) I attended a "summer camp" of a Born Again church in Pasay. It was a small church, mainly composed of Filipino-Chinese, well-off members. The only reason I was there is because the sister of my friend invited me and it was all-expense paid. Apparently, I took the slot of someone who already paid but could not come. Anyway, I vaguely remember the activities that we did there, except one thing: during lunchtime, I sat together with a kid who wouldn't eat his food. He said it's because it was already cold.

And oh, there's another thing that I remember, we were asked to watch a video-lecture by a Dr.James Dobson. Dr.Dobson, Jr. is a protestant author and psychologist. TIME called him as "the nation's (USA) most influential evangelical leader".

Anyway, what was memorable about that video was that there was a Q&A portion at the end. Although the audience were merely teenagers, Dr.Dobson tried to answer their questions. From what I recall, before the open forum, he discussed a chapter in Psalms and when he attempted to answer some of the queries from the kids, he answered them using few of the verses from that particular chapter. Unfortunately, the verses that Dr.Dobson used were very limited to one particular chapter (which I believed he memorized). In some of the answers, he didn't used any verse at all, he just used some pep talk.

But I had to admire Dr.Dobson's effort in entertaining questions. I thought the lecture would be some dull boring sermon but the Q&A woke up my interest.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a pastor who would answer all questions regarding faith using all the verses found in the entire Bible? Apparently, it is difficult to do so. The Bible is composed of 66 books, one book having hundreds of chapters so to know individual verses by heart would take a mind of a genius.

I think I have heard that there are other people who have memorized the Bible but I don't think anybody of them could answer a paradoxical question of faith point blank. I doubt Dr.Dobson would have the ability to do so.

This difficulty of having an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible is understandable. In fact, there is crazy pastor in the Philippines, named Apollo Quiboloy (who claimed to be the appointed son of god) who said that if someone would ask him, "where can you find this verse" or such like questions, he said that's a sign that that person asking him is a child of the devil.

To accept questions from an audience would mean that you're an expert. Presentations from businesses, science lectures, government press conferences would have Q&As because they are expected to be knowledgeable in their field. I know there are a lot of eloquent pastors out there who could dish out a lot of verses during their sermons, but would they allow their flock to have an open forum about the Bible?

The Reason Why other Pastors do Not Revere Christ
Part 2

Wouldn't it be nice to find a pastor who would answer all questions regarding faith using all the verses found in the entire Bible?

Solomon answered questions using wisdom given by God. But there's a guarantee from the Bible that no one would have this kind of wisdom. But I know someone who has come close in having that kind of wisdom. Not an exact copy of that wisdom as it will be against the Lord's promise but something approaching to that degree of wisdom

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the only pastor in the world who doesn't want to be called a pastor. He says it's an office, not a title. He is a pastor whose blog won the ‘Most Educational to Follow’ category in the Open Web Awards (of, a website from the USA). I bring you folks, the most sensible and most rational preacher of our time, Bro. Eli Soriano.

Bro. Eli is the host of the longest running Q&A program on Philippine Television. He's been answering questions on radio and TV for more than 33 years using verses from the Bible (check out And according to him, the reason why he does that is because according to 1 Pet 3:15:

 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect
He said that by being able to answer everyone, he is revering the Lord.

Some detractors would say that the Bro.Eli's show is rehearsed, that Bro.Eli had the question before hand, that's why he's prepared. Well, that can easily be disproved by simply asking Bro.Eli during one of his live shows.

Well, when he guested as a resource person in an United Kingdom tv show, which was incidentally called The Q&A show (hosted by Howard Conder), I knew he would be a perfect quest as Bro.Eli has been revering Christ as Lord in his heart for quite a long time now.

Bro.Eli in a UK show

The End.

To God be the Glory

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