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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Table of Contents

The Decablog
10 Anti Atheism Articles

The Secret of Atheists  
it's the holy grail of atheists

On the Origin of Atheism  
how this disease starts

The Atheism Delusion  
the chaos and destruction caused by atheists

The Bing Bang Joke 
why the Big Bang Theory should not be taken seriously

The Greatest Trick of the Devil 
an essay about Charles Darwin

The Evolution Fraud 
how unscientific the evolution theory is

The Evolution Theory Evolution and The Crime of the Century  
how the evolution theory became an accomplice to the greatest crime in Science

The Morning After 
the aftermath of atheism

Evolution Theory: MASS MURDERER 
why the theory is worse than Hitler

Why Christians are More Rational than Atheists
the title is self explanatory 

Appendix A

The Reason Why other Pastors do Not Revere Christ
the title is self explanatory

Conscience and the Bible
the psychology in the Bible

"And our paradigms must also change," 

--Professor Clive Finlayson, Director of the Gibraltar Museum

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